Recipe Search By Ingredients

Recipe Search By Ingredients helps you find new meals you can make with the ingredients you already have. Just enter the ingredients and press generate to find what you can make with your ingredients.

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What is Recipe Search By Ingredients

If you ever wondered what can I make with these ingredients in my fridge, we got you covered. Recipe Search By Ingredients allow you to simply enter the ingredients you have, and find recipes to make with them. You can search across dozens of recipes by just entering a few ingredients. The idea is pretty simple. All you have to is look at the ingredients you have and enter them into the ingredients box, then you press generate and enjoy the recipes you can make with these ingredients.


We often found ourselves looking in the fridge and wondering: what can I make with these ingredients? So we decided to make a product that fixes that. It saves us a lot of time by rather than looking for recipes and then checking if we have all the ingredients over and over again; now we can simply enter the ingredients and find all the recipes we can make with them. Searching recipes by ingredients greatly speeds up the process to find amazing recipes you can make without needing to go to the store and buy more items

How does it work?

The idea is pretty simple, we collected millions of recipes and parsed out those ingredients. From there, we collected the various ingredients and when a user enters the ingredients and searches, we show only the recipes with the selected ingredients. By doing this, users can now search recipes by ingredients and not have to go out and scan each recipe to find whether or not they have the ingredients. It makes it so much easier for people to find recipes they can make with the ingredients they have.